The Other Side: Christopher Vega

I had the honor of sitting down and chatting with Christopher Vega last month. He was recently named on the 4A's list of 100 People Who Make Advertising Great. Chris is also the founder of The Concepting Class aimed to help minorities start a portfolio and get into the advertising industry. Oh and how could I forget that Chris also has won the Young Innovator Award! Take a look at his thoughtful words below.

Christopher Vega is a copywriter in San Francisco, CA. You can view his work at

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The Other Side: Jeanne Hou

Jeanne and I grew up with similar backgrounds (and many mutual friends), but only recently met in NYC. It was such a joy chatting with her and hearing her thoughts on being Asian American and Christian. I'm excited for you to dive a little into her world and thoughts.

Jeanne Hou works in consulting in New York City

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The Other Side: Leo Wong

I've known Leo since college being both in advertising (and being my friend's freshman RA). Leo is currently kicking butt in the media world as he was recently honored on the 4A's "100 People Who Make Advertising Great." We had an amazing conversation on diversity in the workplace, media, and how the industry can make the world a better place to live in for everyone. I am super excited to share our lovely chat with you.

Leo Wong is an Account Manager at Droga5

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The Other Side: Yenny Shim

I met Yenny my last year of college, but really got to know her better as we both lived in NYC since graduating. She is not only one of the most talented designers/artists I know, but is one of the easiest people to talk to. I'm extremely thrilled to share with you the conversation that we had the other day which is full of insight and honesty. Be sure to check out her work on

Yenny Shim is a multidisciplinary designer in New York.

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The Other Side: Nabiha Quadri

I've known Nabiha ever since we were kids in elementary school. Nabiha's down to earth spirit and compassionate soul has always shown unwaveringly through the years. I'm excited for you to enter into a bit of her story as she shares what it's like to be a Muslim American in today's world.

Nabiha Quadri is a third year medical student at St. Louis University.

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The Other Side: Christal Chiu

Christal Chiu is a recent graduate of NYU's Media, Culture, and Communication master's program. 

I'm from California, the eldest of 3 daughters. I'm Asian American, ethnically Chinese. My parents both immigrated with their families when they were young children. I guess that makes me 2.5 generation.

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